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New in our Shop Part 2: The Watchlist!

You can use the watchlist to mark products that you find interesting in our online shop. You can use the watchlist even if you are not logged in. If you want to delete items from the watchlist just click the red circle. In case you want more functions you can log yourself in and use the wishlist.

New in our Shop: The Wishlist!

The wish list is a real great tool to tell other people ( parents, friends, probation assistant) what they have to endow you. It’s also cool to remind yourself which articles you would like to have in the past and if you ever got this articles. And if not to start counteractive measures...That’s how it works:1.In order to use the wish list you have to be logged in.2.Then you can use th...

Impact justice scandal

Captain Andy’s diary: My bad dayWhen I reached my office at the Impact HQ I thought it was a day like any other. But how wrong I was. This day I was expected by two policeman sitting on my couch and staring at me with really accusingly eyes. I asked: “Hi there, what can I do for the police? Which of my criminal activities was revealed?” But those guys had no humour at all. One of them sai...