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Impact Star System

Impact rewards you
Impact rewards you from now on for every paid Euro during your purchase.
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The Impact Stars System

The Impact Star System - Bonuses and Vouchers From now on Impact rewards you for every Euro from an order.

On this page you find informations, how our "Impact Star System" works.

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What is the Impact Star System?

For every order at the Impact online store you receive Impact Stars in the value of goods, which is 3 Stars/ Euro.
Example: If the value of goods is 50,67 Euro you receive 3x50 Stars, which is 150 Stars total.
You can redeem these stars from an amount from 100 Stars for different bonuses or vouchers. The more Stars you redeem, the higher is your saving, so it's worth to collect stars.
Important information:
The Stars will be assigned 6 weeks after invoice writing. This time slot is for you if you want to change or send something back.

  • How do I get the Stars?With every online order you receive 3 Stars per Euro of the value of goods automatically. You can redeem them 6 weeks later or you collect them.
    You order value of goods for 153,49 Euro = 153 Euro x 3 = 459 Stars
    You order value of goods for 1,90 Euro = 1 x3 = 3 Stars
  • What articles can I buy with my Stars?In fact every article, and next to the bonuses, which we offer quite cheap, you can redeem the Stars for vouchers.
  • How can I redeem my Stars?As soon as you are logged in, you can look up your amount of stars under the menu item "Your account", and from there on you get to the bonuses overview. Here you can put your vouchers or bonuses directly into your shopping cart.
  • Where can I see my Star balance?You can look up your balance every time online under the menu item "Your account".